Maria Tolstoy Sinclair

Oilpaintings, graphic word and bronze sculpture

Utställningen pågår:

26-29 oktober. Vernissage torsdag 26 oktober.

Ordinarie öppettider:
torsdag 17-20, fredag-söndag 13-17.

Varmt välkommen!

In certain culture one has to be able to dance before one can paint. This appeals to med. I paint my entire heart, my entire body and my entire soul. Art, a Passion, has been a red thread throughtout life.

One can often see movement. My paintings are abstract and seartching. I try to find that which is intuitive, that which is genuine, my aesthetic feeling, there always exist beauty, hope. You can find an exciting whirl of lines in which to search or a restful simple expanse.

I strive to surprise myself. Each painting is an experiment in color and material. Each picture has its own soul. A little piece of a soul, a little piece of the beauty and pain of existence.